An Independent Educational Evaluation at the District’s Expense

So, you were able to get your child evaluated for special education services by the district. Good for you! That is not an easy task. Now you are reading the report and you are scratching your head. The recommendations and/or findings do not make sense for your child. Perhaps there are no standardized assessments completed, just a bunch of checklists and/or screeners. What you do know is that the report does not reflect your child’s educational needs. But what can you do?

In many cases, you are entitled to have the district pay for an independent educational evaluation, at no expense to you. Evaluations performed by outside professionals can get you and the district the information to understand your child’s needs. The professionals completing them are licensed in their field and operate independent of the direction of the district. This is where you will get unbiased data that is critical for your child’s success in school which translates to success in life.

As always, all communication with the district should be respectful and IN WRITING. Because, even though you may not plan on filing due process, each action you take must prepare you for that moment.

Education is the foundation of your child’s happiness and success in life. And as a citizen, education is their right. Remember, you are empowered by the law to protect your child’s rights.