It's TIME to Go Back to school

It’s TIME to go back to school. It’s TIME to begin the steps that will ease yours and your child’s anxiety about the first day of school.

Transition your child’s IEP – your child has grown and developed over the summer. Is there a new diagnosis, new therapy, new information for the team? If yes, email now and request an IEP meeting.

Investigate your child’s school day. Get a copy of your child’s schedule so you know how your child’s day is going to be spent. Who are the service providers on your child’s new IEP team? What are the services your child will be receiving? When will the services be delivered? Where/how will the services be delivered?

Meet the new members of the team. Schedule time for both your child and you to meet the new providers of your child’s school experience. Don’t limit yourself to the classroom teacher. Think Intervention Specialist, Aids, specialists (music, art, gym, lunchroom aids…) and transportation providers. You’ll need to know who’s involved to better understand your child’s experiences when they share their stories after school.

Ease the transition. The school day is composed of transitions – home, to school, to classroom, to lunch, to recess, to math, to reading, to gym… Some transitions are easier than others. Support the team – and your child - with helpful tips. Being prepared for each transition will empower your child, and with time and practice ease some of their anxiety. Remember, your child must be an active member of their school day and not a “pawn” being moved from space to space.'