New Dyslexia Guidance for Ohio

There is good news for the 2023-2024 school year for Ohio students! There is a new requirement for dyslexia screening for students. Parents and caregivers, this will enable you to advocate for the structured reading instruction your student may need. (Ohio schools required to begin screening students for dyslexia risk next year -

Ohio schools are required to screen all students for the risk of dyslexia in grades kindergarten through third.

Parents/caregivers with students in grades 4-6 can request that teachers screen their students for dyslexia as well and the district must complete the dyslexia screening. This means that reading concerns regarding your students can no longer be denied.

This requirement also means that your child does NOT have to have a dyslexia diagnosis to get the structured reading instruction they need. Students who are “at risk” for dyslexia are eligible to receive science-based reading instruction which improves reading fluency and comprehension enabling them to keep up in class and improve their self-esteem as a student. As a parent/caregiver you may notice your student exhibiting certain negative behaviors regarding school. Behavior IS communication. Please check out this article, Dyslexia and Behavioral Difficulties – Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring.

The following link to Ohio's Dyslexia Guidebook is on the Ohio Department of Education website and will take you to a pdf of the guidebook regarding this new guidance. There is A LOT of good information in the pdf. I recommend you page through all of it. Page 56 has a list of things parents and caregivers can look out for regarding reading difficulties.

If you decide to request this screening, always send your request respectfully in writing so you have a written record. Also, make sure they send any and all results home with their specified course of action for your student.