American Medical Association Widens Support of Evidence-Based Services
for Neurodivergent Individuals


The American Medical Association widened support for evidence-based therapies at their AMA June House of Delegates meeting in Chicago.

Just like so many things in life, your perspective will either see this as a win for those opposed to ABA or a win for proponents of ABA.

After debate and consideration, the wording was modified:

Standardizing Coverage of Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy  for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, H-185.921 12. Our AMA support coverage and reimbursement for evidence-based treatment of services for autism spectrum disorder. including, but not limited to, Applied 14 Behavior Analysis Therapy.”  (from A23 Report of Reference Committee G - Annotated ( pg 17 of 39).”

               For me, it comes down to the execution of the service/therapy/education. If, in that setting, my child feels anxious, unsafe, and disrespected development will be stunted and it will cause lasting trauma.  Parents, we must always be vigilant.



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