Alison LaPorte Apicella is an advocate who joins our team with more than 20 years of experience working with families and children who have different learning needs and behavior challenges. While completing her master's degree in clinical psychology, she worked in the family home as an in-home behavior consultant. During that time, she focused on working with children on the Autism spectrum. Those experiences gave her special insight into the daily struggles that families face when raising children with behavior, social and communication challenges. She realized all of the untapped potential that children on the spectrum have. This insight inspired her to serve on the board of the National Autism Association of Northeast Ohio raising funds for families and become a parent educator.

Alison is a graduate of Denison University with a degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado. When she's not traveling, you can find Alison in Fairview Park with her two children.

An Advocate cannot provide legal advice or legal services. If you believe you need legal advice, please schedule a consultation with Michelle K. McGuire, Esq.