Hello and welcome. These blogs are for you. My hope is they support and empower you as you advocate for your child with disabilities. As a parent of two children with special needs, I quickly realized that their "disabilities" are developmental differences and with guidance and support my children are developing. The challenge for parents is that while their children are growing and developing so are their children's needs, (which is one reason why the IEP is written annually with the caveat that the team can call a meeting at any time to address these changing needs).

When a child's developmental differences are not addressed appropriately by the agencies responsible for serving them, your child's development will go off track and they do not make progress. They feel overwhelmed, isolated, and anxious. These feelings will be expressed and it's not going to be, "Hey Mom, can you schedule an IEP meeting, my needs are not being addressed appropriately by the district."

Instead, you might get a note, "your child has been suspended" or your child is "flipping their desk and banging their head against the wall". The behaviors are URGENT CRIES FOR HELP! Your child is not getting the services and supports they need from the educational agency. They are entitled to these services and supports.

So, please take a look at the topics offered and check back to see what has been added. This parenting journey can seem lonely and daunting, but remember, you are not alone. We are here for you! Thank you for your time, and together we can make a difference for our kids.