Help! I need an attorney for my child! How do I pay for it???

Parents of special needs children can face as many challenges as their children do on a daily basis. One is securing a free appropriate public education or FAPE for their child. But, getting a district to listen to you and appropriately address your child’s needs is difficult. You may need to hire an attorney. You shouldn’t feel bad about that. Remember your district has a LAW FIRM at their disposal. Think about that - the district has an entire law firm representing them against a child with a learning difference.

The IDEA law addresses the cost of an attorney for families. Sec. 20 U.S.C. 1415(i)(3)(B) of IDEA explains how attorney fees can be recovered.

When you file a due process case and when your case wins, you can ask for recovery of attorney fees as part of the settlement. So, start a conversation with a lawyer today. Explain your case and find out if a due process complaint is an appropriate route for your child.